Before Operations

All-in-one Engineering Services is the key to successful project execution. The goal of the Engineering Service is to provide highest performance in operating UPS systems at all time with reliability and stable ability to prevent customer's critical loads from interrupting and shutting down. 

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Drawing Submission and Review

The objective of Drawing Submission and Review is to mutually agree on the key design concepts of each UPS system so that its performance meets the required project specification. 


Project Management 

Our team engages in active communication and smooth execution of each project from the engineering phase to delivery.


Equipment Test 

Both factory acceptance test and site acceptance test are key to ensure that the equipment can perform satisfactorily after it is handed over to the customer. The test procedure can be customized according to the customer's expectation. With full support from our partner, our engineers are ready to take on any test assignments to ensure customer's acceptance before the equipment is ready for use.

Installation and Commissioning

We offer both supervision and installation service with the correct practice and procedure according to the recommendation by the manufacturer. Commission can be executed smoothly given the right installation and test procedure.

Operation and Maintenance Training

Our team can provide users comprehensive training programs which can be tailored up to the customer's expectation and availability. Different levels of trainings are available based on the ability to operate, configure and troubleshoot the equipment.

Equipment Record Keeping

ACDC keeps the record of all projects to help customers operate the equipment smoothly. We analyze and evaluate information in order to offer advice for correct operation, timely preventive maintenance and effective troubleshooting. 

Preventive Maintenance and Spare Part Planning

Planning for maintenance and consumable spare replacement is essential because all UPS systems require regular maintenance for smooth application running in a long period of time.



Our team member can provide comprehensive equipment service, pre-engineering and after-services, with up-to-date training certificates from the manufacturer.


23 May 2023

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