Losses of critical load and equipment malfunctions can be avoided by operating UPS correctly and proper training. Proactive operation plans including routine check, preventive maintenance and on-time spare part replacement can be advised by our experienced service teams.

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Fast Response and On-Site Support for Corrective Maintenance

We provide Hot Line Service for emergency troubleshooting consulting and on-site corrective maintenance support in order to ensure continuous operation of the equipment and minimize the impact of load disruption, if it occurs. Temporary UPS and battery supply units are available for load supply during the maintenance of the faulty equipment.


Preventive Maintenance and Consumable Spare Part Replacement

Preventive maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that involves regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance tasks, and adjustments to prevent equipment failures and prolong the lifespan of assets. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that equipment operates at its optimal level. By conducting regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and calibration, potential issues can be identified and addressed before they cause failures or degrade performance. This approach helps maintain equipment reliability, reduces unexpected breakdowns, and enhances overall operational efficiency. Consumable spare part replacement also helps to ensure that the equipment can work smoonthly according to its expected lifetime.



23 May 2023

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