Convection Cooled Rectifier Systems – TEBECHOP 4000

The TEBECHOP 4000 rectifier range from BENNING, the leading global power supply manufacturer, provides a robust, modular rectifier system that is specifically designed for use under harsh environmental conditions (eg dust, acid, etc.). The convection cooling employed by these modules ideally suits the adverse conditions found in industrial environments, such as the petrochemical industry, energy distribution, automation technology and highways.

General Features

  • switched-mode rectifier for harsh industrial environments
  • power of the module: 4 kW
  • wide-range input
      - 185 V to 264 V
  • output voltages
      - 24 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V, 220 V

Maximum Availability

  • convectioncooled
  • n+1 redundancy
  • stand alone modules
  • extensive signalling and monitoring functions

  • different operating modes
  • available temperature-controlled charging battery
  • availability test / battery circuit test galvanically isolated

Convection cooled

Extensive signalling and monitoring functions

High quality of output power (parameters), good dynamic behaviour even if battery is not connected

Highest Economic Efficiency

  • low residual ripple at rectifier output
  • low THD (total harmonic distortion)
  • low volume and weight

  • suitable for lead and NiCd batterie senergy-efficient
  • energy-efficient
  • easy adaptation of system power
  • hot plug

A sinusoidal input power ensures distortion free rectifier operation

Efficiency versus output power

IU-characteristic, DIN 41773 for NiCd batteries

IU-characteristic, DIN 41773 for lead acic batteries

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22 March 2023

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